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We offer more than 30 medical and surgical specialties in Madrid city center. Most of our professionals perform in several languages. Mainly, the doctors speak English so you can take a medical consultation with any of them.

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The opening hours of the main gate are from 07:30 to 22:00

Information for surgeries and hospitalization

Hospital VOT offers coverage in a specialized and personalized way to the international community, both residents and those traveling for work, education or to enjoy a healthy vacation and enjoy the hospitality, culture and history of Spain.

Outpatient Consultations / Polyclinic

If you go to Outpatient Consultations, you will have to go to Calle del Rosario 7, parallel to Calle San Bernabé 12, where the Hospital VOT is located. All outpatient consultations are located in this location, including the Clinical Analysis Service and Genetics Lab.

The new polyclinic is located on Calle Rosario.

Therefore, if you must go to the Hospital, you must enter through Calle San Bernabé 12.

For surgeries, hospitalization and future emergencies you should go to Calle San Bernabe.


Arrival at the Hospital

Upon arrival at the Hospital VOT, you must go to the reception desk with all the necessary documentation:


  • Patient identification document (DNI, NIE, passport, etc.)
  • Authorizations, if the intervention is carried out through an insurer.
  • Documentation of the intervention, such as informed consent, preoperative reports, analytics, etc.
  • Other documents that you have been instructed to bring to the intervention.

Admission and hospitalization

The Hospital Admission Service is located at the main entrance. This service takes care of formalizing your income. Once your admission has been formalized, the health personnel will be notified so that they can accompany you to your room. The staff that deals with this service will answer your questions and/or ask the appropriate person to help you. Likewise, this is the point where the procedures for supporting documents for companions and/or relatives are carried out.

During your admission

The health personnel will explain how the Hospitalization service works and will show you the different equipment available in your room (adjustable bed, complete toilet, telephone, TV, WiFi, etc.) You must remain in your room until the health personnel come to you.

In the situation that you need to leave, do not leave your room without the knowledge of the health personnel of the Hospitalization Service or without medical authorization. You have a bell to notify the Hospitalization Service staff. Please, use this bell only in cases of emergency, the hospitalization staff will make regular visits to check your status.

Medical information

The doctor’s visit is daily and during it you will be informed of the evolution of your state of health.

If necessary, you must designate a person who will be informed of your medical progress. This information cannot be provided over the phone.

Surgical intervention

Depending on the type of intervention, you will be directed to one of our surgical areas. This transfer will be carried out by the hospital’s health personnel, you must remain waiting in your room. Likewise, underwear and metallic objects, prostheses, makeup, etc. must be removed.

Adequate hygiene is essential to avoid infections, which is why it is recommended to take a shower before the intervention, provided that the health personnel do not advise against it. If you cannot carry out personal hygiene, it will be our health personnel who will carry it out.

Staff identification

All VOT Hospital professionals must be identified by means of a card in which their name and position within the organization appear. Staff can be identified by their clothing:

  • Dark blue: operating room staff.

  • White: Doctors.

  • Blue: Nursing staff.

  • Turquoise blue: Auxiliary nursing staff.


Meals are served in the room. It will be the health personnel who will provide them. We require your collaboration to maintain the diet prescribed by the doctor.

Therefore, we ask you not to consume food or drinks that are not prescribed by your doctor. If you suffer from any intolerance, indicate it so that they take it into account when preparing your diet.


Breakfast – from 08:30 a.m.
Lunch – from 1:00 p.m.
Snack – from 4:00 p.m.
Dinner – from 7:30 p.m.

Vending machines

There are vending machines available to all users on the ground floor of the hospital.

Visitors and companions

Hospital visiting hours are from 09:00 to 21:00. Outside this time slot, only one companion may stay with you in the room for which a sofa bed is available for your stay. From the Hospital, we recommend that the visits be of a small number of people and for a period not too long since it can cause tiredness and fatigue during the first moments after your intervention.

Companions and/or relatives are requested not to remain in the corridors during the cleaning of the rooms, locations are available so that they can be and do not interfere with the cleaning of the area.

We will ensure a quiet environment that contributes to your recovery. Please, let us know if there is too much noise. We will limit interruptions.

Hospital discharge information

At the time your doctor notifies you of hospital discharge, you will be given the following documentation before you leave the Hospital:

  • Hospital discharge medical report.
  • Nursing discharge report.
  • Directions for taking your medication.

In the event that you, due to medical indication, require an ambulance transfer to your home, we will be the ones who will manage it. While the different procedures are carried out, you should not leave your room, this process requires time that we will try to be as short as possible. You will be informed when you can leave the Hospital.

Voluntary discharge

If you wish to leave the hospital voluntarily, you must always sign the voluntary discharge document that will be provided by the Hospital. In this case, the hospital declines any responsibility for the course of your illness.

Patient surveys

From the VOT Hospital we ask you to fill in the forms that you will find in your room, which contain a satisfaction survey for patients.

This information enables us to provide an increasingly better service that is more adapted to the needs of our patients.


The Hospital has a suggestion box (ground floor, admission area at the main door) and an internal sheet that you can request to send us your suggestions.

Summary of hospital facilities

Additional services


Hospital VOT has parking for its patients and companions, which is accessed by Calle de la Ventosa, nº 26 (same building).

The entrance is wide and allows access with large cars. There are three floors so there are practically always places.

The parking ticket does not need to be stamped and also allows you to park in Madrid Central (area with regulated vehicle access) without the risk of a penalty.


The Hospital has a Wi-Fi network for patient use, which does not require a password to use.


All rooms have individual television. Request their service from the admissions staff who greets you upon arrival at the Hospital.


In the room, you have a fully operational telephone terminal.

Religious services

The Hospital has a chapel for Catholic worship, located on the ground floor of the building.

Mass is officiated from Monday to Friday at 08:00 a.m. and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at 10:30 a.m.

Additional accommodation

The Hospital VOT has established an agreement with the Hotel Puerta de Toledo (100 m from the Hospital), whereby patients and their companions benefit from special prices on accommodation. If you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.


General rules

  • It is not allowed to store food products in the rooms.
  • Respect at all times the indications offered by the Hospital staff.
  • Try not to receive visits from more than two companions.
  • In general, visits by children under 12 years of age are not allowed.
  • The rooms have an air conditioning system with air renewal, it is requested not to open the windows to maintain comfort.

In case of emergency

The Hospital has an emergency system that is activated automatically. If you detect an emergency, notify the nursing staff through the bell at the head of the bed. If evacuation is necessary, remain calm, act serenely and follow the instructions of the Hospital staff without using the elevators.

Valuable items

We recommend that you have the minimum of personal belongings. Hospital VOT is not responsible for its possible loss.

Smoke free hospital

“In accordance with the provisions of article 7 c) of Law 28/2005, of December 26, on health measures against smoking and regulating the sale of, supply, consumption and advertising of tobacco products , in accordance with the wording given by law 42/2010, smoking is expressly and totally prohibited in the hospital center, as well as in the entire exterior area of the hospital (including the main entrance, the garden area and the hospital parking).

Failure to comply with this prohibition will give rise to the requirement of the responsibilities provided for in the aforementioned regulations. This limitation is extensible to the consumption of electronic cigarettes.

Quality management

Our desire for continuous improvement and the commitment to offer our patients the highest level of care.

It is specified, in addition to the objectives set, that the San Francisco VOT Hospital has implemented a quality management system and has ISO 9001:2015 quality certification.


Patient Rights

  • Respect for their dignity without being discriminated against for reasons of race, sex, social, economic or age.
  • To receive humane, kind, understanding and respectful treatment at all times.
  • To the confidentiality of your health data without anyone without your authorization being able to access them, except in the cases provided for in current legislation.
  • To obtain health, assistance, pharmaceutical and complementary benefits, to promote, restore their health and/or alleviate their suffering as established by current regulations.
  • To know all the information obtained about their own health in any care process, however, the will of the patient who does not wish to be informed will be respected.
  • The patient is the sole owner of the right to information.
  • To decide freely between the clinical options presented by the doctor after receiving adequate information. Their consent is required, carried out through informed consent, before a surgical intervention, invasive diagnostic procedure and when procedures involving relevant health risks are carried out.
  • To choose a doctor under the terms and conditions established by the Ministry of Health.
  • To obtain a second opinion within the clinical health system in the situations and under the conditions established by current regulations.
  • To gain access to their clinical history and obtain a copy of it under the conditions established by the Ministry of Health.
  • To issue advance directives and that these are respected by the Health Institution.

Patient Duties

  • Collaborate in compliance with the rules and instructions established in this hospital.
  • Treat Hospital staff, other patients and their companions with the utmost respect.
  • Take care of the facilities and collaborate in maintaining the habitability of health institutions.
  • Be informed, know and respect the operating rules of the Hospital.
  • Use the facilities responsibly and collaborate in maintaining the habitability of the Hospital.
  • Follow the treatment recommended by your doctor. Otherwise, and when you can legally refuse it, you have the duty to request and sign the voluntary registration document. If the patient refuses to sign this document, the Hospital Management, at the proposal of the doctor in charge of the case, may discharge the patient.


Rosario Street


Outpatient consultations / Polyclinic.

Clinical analysis.

Medical center admission.


Call center.


Second floor


Long stay unit.

Home of Saint Michael.

First floor


Rooms 101 – 120.

Ground floor


Main admission.


Diagnostic imaging unit.

Operating rooms.

Resuscitation unit.

Public toilets (available for people with reduced mobility).


Basement floor (-1)


Admission of external consultations.

External consultations.

Laboratory and extraction point.

Exit to garden area.

Access to the car park.

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